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Meaford Cowl

The Meaford Cowl is one of my favorite knits from Good Night, Day.  It’s been one of the most satisfying things I’ve made recently.  It’s the kind of knit you don’t want to stop working on- methodical enough to get a good rhythm going, but never boring.

Moss stitch is the only thing redeeming about knit, purl, knit, purl… knits.  For some reason, I hate 1×1 ribbing, but I adore moss stitch.  This cowl provided plenty of it.  There are modifications to make it a wrap or just a plain scarf, but I like it as a doubled cowl best.  

The details:  I used size 11 needles and two strands of Wool of the Andes Bulky, in the beach glass color, held together to make this.   I also used The 100 as entertainment throughout.  I like the plot of the show.  I like all of the adult actors and some of the teenagers.  But sometimes, especially in the beginning, it’s like watching an Abercrombie Spring Break promo.  Even my teenager got cheesed out by it.  But I kept watching and am now re-watching since I heard a third season will be released.  My son says I’m just desperate for something sci-fi that’s semi-decent, but it’s not a bad show.  I’ve had to face the fact that I’ve been spoiled by Firefly and Battlestar, seasons 1 and 2.  So shows like The 100 and Dark Matter have a lot to live up to.  Also, they’re not as good.

Back to the cowl.  This is my fourth knit for the Big Cozy KAL.  Could it be that I’m not a sweater knitter anymore?  Nah, I have three finished sweaters, waiting for sleeves at the moment. 

Guess who else likes moss stitch?  Here’s a few hints.  She found us on a walk a month ago, has taken over my daughter’s old room, made us cancel a camping trip to tend to her, and is worming her way into even our aggressive, older cat’s heart.  We’re calling her Hazel because I’d see her eyes and start singing Hazel, by Tweedy,

which is not very appropriate for a playful kitten, but whatever.

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