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B Sides

Whenever this 365 Days project is over I should do another 365 of only B sides, you know the multitude of rotten shots that the decent ones are nestled between on my memory card.  I’ve found that for every decent photo I post there is an equally horrible one.

 I’m like Jerry’s girlfriend on Seinfeld who seemed normal enough until the light hit her from a different angle in such a way that Kramer would fall backward to get away from her.   The lens distortion makes my close ups look like a drunken peasant with a large, red nose from a bad tv movie about the French Revolution shouting, “Off wi’ his head!” in a British accent.  

(E is for Excited, Day 272)
A simple photo of myself relaxing on the floor morphs into The Grudge with a shutter click.   And, oh 365 you are showing my age!  If the camera dips below my jawline, I look like I’m holding a flashlight under my chin, telling ghost stories around a campfire.   Not that I’m looking for the most flattering angle- these aren’t headshots, but, geez Louise, I don’t want my children to be frightened as they upload!  


(365 Day 271)
B Sides.  Maybe next January…

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  1. Haha! I have thought of that Seinfeld episode many times because I'm that girl. One day I can look pretty decent; other days I shouldn't be allowed out of the house. I like your selfies and think they are a wonderful record for your children.

  2. Thanks, Gail. I hope my kids will enjoy this blog as a record of mine and their lives- the imperfection and the ideal. If only I had a 365 collection from my mother.

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