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A Little Progress

I’m fighting the urge to re-knit this knit along tank a size larger.  I know stockinette curls under and that I’ll be adding edging and a band to the bottom, but still… it just seems so… pre-teen sized.

I realize that I’m unused to knitting lightweight clothing; however, between this tank and Finishing School, also curling stockinette, I am feeling a little like a hulking, pro wrestler trying to knit up his singlet.  (That’s one image you don’t want to google.  Trust me.)

But I’m sticking with the pattern because my brain knows it makes sense.  I know that once those sides are seamed, it will smooth out and fit.  If not, there’s always the aggressive blocking method a dry cleaner once used on a sweater of mine after he shrank it: I think he and his brother tugged on it like a wishbone.  Though that blocking experience ended with me receiving a reimbursement, I feel certain a more gentle blocking method will go a long way on this tank.

Remember how I said lots of us in this knit along find our animals sneaking into our photos?  I swear I didn’t place my cat in this as a prop.  She jumped up there as I was taking pictures.  She really does hover.

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