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My Back- to – School Supplies

I only had two things on my personal list: mustard colored jeans and a real knitting bag.

I’ve been knitting since my son was something like a year and a half, and I’ve used everything from a backpack while camping, to a beach bag, to an empty Wal-Mart sack to hold my knitting junk.  So this year, as I bought my son a backpack that may last six months and a binder that probably won’t last two,  I bought myself a Namaste bag for 40% off at KnitPicks.   It’s my first “big kid” knitting bag.  

You know how hard it is to order just one thing, right?  Well, I didn’t.  I also stocked up on sale buttons and got Shannon Okey‘s book on knitwear design, which is way out of my league right now, but makes a total of four design themed books on my book shelf.  I now feel obligated to design something to prove I’m not a careless spender.

As soon as my package arrived, I dumped two projects into the bag, which had plenty of room for more, and started working on one of them, occasionally petting the bag and whispering, “My Precious….”

So, yeah, I’m pretty much a geek.

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