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It Only Took 13 Years…

Thirteen years ago, while staying in a cabin outside of San Antonio, I collected native air plants (ball moss, I believe) from a trail to bring home and hang from my ceiling.   As we packed to leave, my husband saw what appeared to be “grass and junk” in the trunk and threw them out.

Nine years later… I did the same thing while camping in Kerrville.  This time, I hid them under my seat in the truck so they’d make it home with me.
He found them as soon as we got home, possessed with the urge to clean our vehicle like never before, and threw them away.

A couple of weeks ago… I finally ordered some air plants.  As soon as I received them, I soaked and hung them.  They are still in my possession.

These ceramic pods from Mudpuppy are so much cooler than the string I was going to tie around the moss all of those years ago.  I ordered bulbosa Belize plants for them at Air Plant Supply Co.  They  add such a cool vibe to a room.  I can see a trio of brightly  colored pods hanging in my kitchen one day.

I also ordered a bunch of smaller tillandsia ionantha from CTS Air Plants.  I put a couple in a shell I found on Sea Rim beach when I was a teenager.

The rest went into a dish my daughter gave me.
They don’t take much care- just an occasional misting with orchid fertilizer added.

I’m always looking for ways to bring some more green indoors, but our house is small and there are no available, cat-proof surfaces left for potted plants.  Hanging air plants or setting them in stitch marker dishes that are already laying around is an easy way to include them.

I’d thought I’d attach them to driftwood like my friend, Jennifer, did with a cedar root.  But I have yet to find the right piece of driftwood, so I went with the hanging pods instead.  It was similar to how I envisioned hanging that ball moss anyway.

(my flickr)

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  1. It's funny, all week she's ignored them but this morning she wanted me to wake up and was knocking things off of the dresser to accomplish that (Cat owners are so controlled.). I saw she'd knocked one little plant off. She didn't hurt it, just batted it off. But she's completely uninterested in the hanging pods, so that's good.

  2. love this so much! those ceramic pods are SO neat. I had to put ours out of reach of the kitties because I knew they'd try to destroy them, but I love that shell idea – especially because you collected the shells when you were younger. makes it even more special!

  3. I love the pods! I've been looking for ways to get more plants into our place and I think this might be just the thing.

    How funny that your husband foiled your plans twice!

  4. Ah those look so cute! I love the little glimpses into your home, it's such a pretty place. You've done some marvelous things there, and these plants just add to the beauty. Glad you (finally) managed to get them inside!

  5. Well, since I answered Bridget's post below, my cat has batted the air plants out of the dish to get my attention in the early morning. Don't you love it when they do that stuff while looking at you for a reaction? So, I moved that one to a safer spot. I love the look of your root and that your family helped with that project.

  6. Thank you, Heather! My living room tends to be the neatest place in the house. I wouldn't take a photo of my kitchen or "yarn corner" right now for anything. It's really hard to cut down on the clutter, hence the hanging plants 🙂

  7. Thanks and yes! There are lots of good hanging ideas out there on Pinterest and lots of types of sure plants.

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