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Mystery Garden Bits

Just little bits left to summer’s mystery garden.  I never know what will work and what won’t.  I may even get stuff I didn’t plant.  I still have bell peppers- don’t know what’s up with that- and a few spinach plants.   

 I waited on fall planting for our well to be installed, but we’ve ran into a problem with the pump (it was used and may have to put in a different one, also used) so I waited too long to plant some things. However,  I did plant lettuce, spinach, brocolli, chives, chamomile, and mustard greens.
The well isn’t as much of a necessity at this time of year, but in the spring it will be vital if we really want to produce enough for food.    
The well digging was like an amish barn raising, remember the scene in Witness?  Only it was just my husband,  dad, uncle, and a friend in out tiny backyard taking turns with a borrowed auger on a very hot day while our little dog went crazy trying to bite the water.  Our only expenses were pipe and fittings so it was old fashioned, neighborly kindness that I will truly appreciate when my water bill drops next summer.     

Aah next summer…that will be my best garden ever!  I may actually do the huge garden in the side yard that I wanted this last year.  Or maybe not.  As usual with the mystery garden, we’ll have to wait and see what develops.

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