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Snow Days are Only Good if You Get Snow

These are images taken from a cooped up perspective in poor winter light.
They seem drab because it is.  We’d all be climbing the walls at this point if it weren’t for seasonal affective disorder keeping us down.  Here’s what I find happening a lot in this kind of weather:

Facebook threads about things like: “What’s the laziest food- Pop tarts or hot dogs?” (duh, Ensure) are much longer and more heated than usual.

I sit at the computer to really figure out Gimp, but instead of accomplishing anything, I end up wasting time endlessly googling boots I don’t need and weird stuff like videos of people chi running.

Everyone talks about food.  “What’s for lunch?”
                                   “We just ate breakfast.”
                                   “I know. But, what’s for lunch?”
                                   “Something I don’t have to go to the store for…or slave over…or move to fix.”

TV rerun marathons (we’d be watching a lot of this if a certain someone hadn’t been grounded from tv.)

Certain someones get grounded more often and tickle wars turn into bloodbaths much more quickly.

We do go through our bookshelves faster.

The animals get crazy.

Who am I kidding?  This is boring.  I’m putting myself to sleep, here.

I state the obvious a lot more.

 (day 30)
 (lazy food, day 32)
Taco soup is one of the laziest meals ever:  
Mix browned ground meat (or precooked meat), onion, can of diced tomatoes, frozen veggies, box of broth, and packet of taco seasoning (unless you want to exert yourself and shake chili powder, cumin, and oregano into it) into soup pot.
Leave alone while you stare into space until all is cooked.
Toss chips in your bowl before adding soup and shredded cheese after.
But everyone knows how to do this and I’m just stating the obvious.  See what I mean!!!??!!

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  1. Ha! Taco soup is what we had last night. I LOVE it! I use freshly diced chicken breasts and diced avocados in mine. At the end I add sour cream and corn tortillas cut in 1" strips. It is delicious. I so rarely cook anymore that hubby actually thinks I slaved over the stove…and I let him.

  2. Yours sounds extra special with the extra love you put into it. I'll try avocado next time. Taco soup is a mainstay at our house, along with burritos and spaghetti.

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