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A Little More Garden

I’m really surprised these Tom Thumb peas are growing in this dry heat.   Even with a well, soaker hoses, and strategically placed sprinklers everything is struggling.   I don’t see these as being very drought tolerant, but you never know…

It’s funny how right when I feel frustrated by my gardening skills, (or lack of them) something will spring up and delight me enough to shrug off the withered stalks and such.

(Tom Thumb peas, day 149)
This is actually a good variety for patio planters, being a dwarf, because they can be planted almost on top of one another and still produce with out taking up much space.  They say you can eat them right off of the vine, but I’ve got one big bowl’s worth (Yes, a little more than what you see here.  This is not my usual single serving crop) and I’m cooking them tonight.

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