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Christmas Denial

I guess, that sounds really blasphemous, but I don’t mean it that way.  No, I’m not denying Christmas, just putting off some of the work of the holiday for a few minutes more.  I’ve hid in a movie, in Pinterest, in the bathroom, and now within a blog post.  I’ll get to roasting those peppers and making that ricotta eventually.  I even look forward to it, but the forever 15 year old in me kind of wants to roll over in bed and face the wall for a little bit more.

So, indulge me as I post on decidedly non Christmas-y things like my bike basket:

It even looks like summer on the yellowed grass.
I’ve been using a purse with detachable straps wound around the handlebars, but I couldn’t carry my camera in it.  With this one, I can fit the whole big case with an extra lens.

It’s handmade in Ghana for House of Talents with proceeds going to the artisans and their community.  Click the link and read the story.  When it arrived,  I felt that feeling you get when you find the perfect pair of blue jeans or wake after having just the right amount of sleep.  Silly, I know, but isn’t it cool?

Now I just need to make my panniers and that skirt guard and my favorite bike will be so ridiculously dressed up it will look more human than bicycle 🙂

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