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365 Days of Procrastination

Well, it ends here.  I’m giving myself until mid July to finish the bigger, space stealing projects I have in various stages of completion.   
We tend to have too many irons in the fire at once here.  I know that is just the reality of doing things on a budget- you have to collect things slowly and store them until your ready to do the project. (I have been saving old t-shirts in a certain group of colors for a few years now to make a rag rug.)  
 (day 138)

These are the kinds of things my husband questions my sanity about.  Sure, we have a couple of trasbags of various old t-shirts etc in the garage, and lots of old mirrors and pane windows stacked along the walls of the garage, books for folding under the bed, a basket of sea shells to be painted, a big plastic box of thrift sweaters to be recycled for yarn …but I usually finish what I start, even if it is years later.  It just makes for a cluttered garage.
Recently, however,  my husband is talking about converting this storage room into a game room.  (I’m sorry I just can’t write that without laughing at how Suburban 1980’s that sounds.)  

I’m going to have to get some of “those irons” out of the garage for either the space they take up or to just get some things done.  That means I have to re-gesso one antique mirror and find a way to hang the rest, pick shelving for the bathroom, make that cold frame out of the windows I’ve collected, treat and repaint our patio furniture, repair an adirondack chair, and make an awning.  This will clear out the garage and completely finish my bathroom and patio.  As far as the yarn goes, I am de-stashing this year so it will happen when it happens. 

Then there’s the clutter in my house.  I need to clear out cabinet and shelf space, give away some books, and be realistic about what does and doesn’t fit me inside of my closet,  give away kids’ clothes, and reorganize my computer area.
I really don’t like mess, but I’m imperfect.  I encourage myself by repeating the mantra I learned as a young mother: “People before things.”  I may not have the neatest garage or closet, and I may take a while to hang art, but at least I don’t lose focus on my family.  They just have to walk carefully to get into the car is all… and make sure they have current tetanus shots.  
Maybe this will allow me to have better storage for my cameras and equipment.  Speaking of cameras, I am keeping up with 365 but am now positive I will not do one next year so that I can devote my free time to playing around with different cameras and processes.  I’m tired of the daily photo whip cracking over my head.  Chances are I’d almost take one daily anyway.

Last but not least, there is the stack of books I’m supposed to be reading.  I’ll just take them on vacation.

Maybe I should give myself until mid- August.

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  1. gosh you sound just like me – i've got so many "things i'm GOING to do"… and our tiny little 400 square foot apartment can't hold anymore. i'm surprised my husband hasn't thrown anything away behind my back 🙂

  2. 365 can (sometimes) suck the joy out of photography. I'm glad I completed mine last year but really don't have a desire to do another one for a long time.

    I love the photo of the old books. Cool perspective. I can almost smell that old book odor. 🙂

  3. Jennifer, I've actually gotten better about realizing my limitations in the project department. Even so, I do things in my spare time, over a long period of time, and as long as the house is fairly neat, I don't feel too guilty about it. That's what the garage is for.

    Gail, I am there. But, summer will bring lots of photo ops so I'll probably finish the year out. I just remind myself how much harder it was to be in the pic every day last year and it seems much easier to me. You seem to be photographing as much as ever without 365, too.
    By the way, those books are old school readers, like Dick and Jane kind, and they do smell and feel just like I remember readers in school being.

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