Gator Country

We went on a field trip with my Grandmommy last week to Gator country.
Maybe you’ve seen the Croc Hunter-esque show, Gator 911, on CMT.

(Gator Country, 365 Day 205 Photo)

Or maybe not.

But it seemed a shame to live in southeast Texas, with alligators swimming in our canals, and not go visit this place.

OF course it’s kind of “Bubba” and they know it.

They gave a little presentation on snakes, gators, and crocs, then walked around to let us touch some of their residents. My grandmother did not like having a snake behind her head.

She said this was the only reptile skin she would touch:

I think the guy got frustrated because people weren’t talking up enough. I guess he couldn’t hear my son, because he knew all the answers. He’s like the reptile computer.

Maybe.. just maybe… one day, he’ll be a “Gator Trainer” too.

The big attraction is Big Al, who snaps at the men that feed, pet, and even kiss him.

This is loggerhead and (I think) the alligator snapping turtle Big Al tried to eat.

It was interesting enough. I think watching the boys who put on the show rattle off their scripts and get annoyed over lack of participation was kind of funny. And the way they yawned a lot while holding boa constrictors was a hoot.

Alligators freak me out. I almost stepped on a dead one when I was running once…blech!

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