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Miscellaneous 365s

It’s over.  But I’m not finished posting just yet.  These photos are just odd bits of our holidays. 
acorn guy, day 349
As you can see with Acorn Guy up there, the daily photo thing is kind of going to pot.  But Christmas day afforded opportunities for some meaningful images.
Papaw, day 360
Plus, gifts are always nice.
some gifts, day 361
But I’ve barely broken out my photography related gifts.  It never feels right until 365 is over.

 iphone macro lens, day 362

 randomness, day 364
  more randomness
Two more posts and I’m done.  I say this for my own benefit because I do realize no one is waiting with bated breath for the countdown.  Well, no one but possibly my loved ones.

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  1. Congrats on your project!! You have some really unique, wonderful shots. Be proud! Praying that 2012 is filled with blessings for you. Forgive the brevity of my comment, but I'm trying to catch up on posts after being gone for almost a month!

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