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Photo Jumble

This is blogging cliff notes.  I’ll hit the high points:  Coming home from camping I took this at a stoplight.  I just couldn’t get over the color of the sky.   Though we had fun on our trip, we didn’t do our usual sleepfest.

 (nasty windshield textures by me, day 70)
That’s why I’m crashed out here.  
 (nappytime, day 76)
Since I rarely venture away from my home with my camera, I will now photograph anything- I mean anything,  hence the dogs’ bowl.
(water bowl, day 78)
In my efforts to find something to photograph I sometimes stage “precious moments” with my kids.  This is my son pretending to still like picking flowers for me 🙂 
 (he pretends to still pick them- if I ask him, day 80)
And this is the perfect Target sweatshirt.  The photo is my response to all of the “The Cutest Little Old Outfit I Wore Today” stuff on blogs.  I realize I look like Knute Rockne, but this is what I wore that day.
Now, I just need to post a couple more, and bam, I’m caught up. 

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