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He loves me not…

Tried adding dried calendula to my castille soap Wednesday.  (I have to reap something from this garden!)  So, while having coffee with my sister, I pried off petals, separating seed.  My daughter wandered in to help too.  She is now at an age where she likes adult conversation and wants to listen (especially me and my sister’s), even if she doesn’t always contribute.  Sis thought I was being a little AR about leaving out any brown petals, but I was just zoning out as we talked. I felt like a little kid, fascinated by how many seeds were tucked into one flower and how serious they looked hanging off a petal.  Quill- like.  I read that calendula is one of the only flowers to retain it’s color during cold process soap making, so here is my final result.  There’s still some gold color there, but I think it will turn brown as it cures.   This, borage, rosemary, and maybe lavender are the only herbs I planted for soaps that have actually sprouted in the garden.  They just aren’t taking off like I’d hoped.  I planted hyssop and chamomile too, but never saw a peep of them.  

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