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Soap Queen, I Think Not

  A friend called me a “regular soap queen” yesterday.  Not really, she’s the one who taught me how and has been doing it for a long time.  But I’m just trying different recipes each week, amassing a collection worth selling for some fun money. 

 They’re all on top of my fridge right now, excluding the loaf of calendula soap.  I don’t know if that’s best because the smell of the essential oils seems to be dissipating, but we aren’t set up for full time soap factory here in our tiny little antique house.  There’s green tea/ lemongrass/ eucalyptus on the left (they’re kind of funky-shaped) and plain castille, green tea/lemongrass, and rosemary exfoliating on the right.   Can’t wait for them to cure because I’m still using Ivory.         

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