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DIY Ornament Wreath

I’m sure you’ve seen them online and, like every other woman I know, I’m not immune to Pinterest’s siren song.  Aside from a handknit gift, I had to make at least one Christmas craft.  So, here it is: possibly the loudest Christmas wreath in existence.

I only have a few vintage ornaments, so I took advantage of Target’s kitschy Christmas section to find ornaments and a garland covered wire wreath.  My son merely raised his eyebrows at the things I was loading in my buggy that day.  Scoring a few boxes of true vintage ornaments at Goodwill or an estate sale would be a lot less expensive, and more unique.

I used hot glue to attach snowflake ornaments to the back, then began gluing the larger balls.  I worked from the outside, in, saving the nicest ornaments to glue on last.  I also used wire from the garland to tie one of the heavier ornaments directly to the wire of the wreath.  

I used little glittery fronds from last year’s gift wrap to fill in empty spaces, tucking them here and there. 
I really don’t mind the volume, since we always do a low-key Christmas.  Those days may be over now, however, since I feel compelled to buy one of these to go with the wreath. 

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