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Knit, Michelle, Knit Like the Wind…

That’s what my husband says when I’m cramming to finish a project by Christmas or something.  This time it was The Ravellenics Games, and I made it by a few hours.

My event: the Sock Put.  My goal: one pair of toe-up socks knitted two at a time.  My time: 16 days.  I am now a Ravthlete.

You can read about the beginning of this project here.

I could’ve knit a sweater faster, but my goal was something difficult for me because I am not familiar with sock patterns.  I already mentioned my first pair to knit and how they were flung across a room more than once.  Well, it’s been a few years and I have more experience and have tried lots of techniques, so I knew there would be no flinging.  However, I had a zillion false starts because I kept zoning out and losing track of my toe increases.   It really seemed to drag on.  I finished while watching Life on Mars this afternoon and am satisfied.  The pattern by Ann Budd was easy to follow, except that it was written explicitly for double points (actually telling how many stitches to have on each needle, etc.) but I just translated it for magic loop.

They fit for now, though I wonder how well the 1×1 rib at the top will fit after several wearings.  I just didn’t have time to figure out a fix for that.  Besides, I have bought wool socks that fit all floppy at the top, so maybe it’s a common problem.

The yarn is a really nice, donegal color mix from Hand Painted Knitting Yarns.  They’re supposed to be my new hiking socks since I got the yarn while hiking in Tennesse, but look pretty nice with regular boots.

I like them.
I am a Ravthlete.
And I’m not knitting socks again for a loooong time.

Want to watch them grow via my instagrams?

I know, you wonder how many pictures can she take of one pair of socks.  It’s not pride in the socks, it’s because I’m photo happy.

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