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A Handmade Skirt

Next up on my tattered list of things I want to make is this vintagey lace skirt pattern by Kat Coyle from Knit Cafe.  This will be the first skirt I’ve ever attempted to knit.  It was my reason for getting the book, though there are lots of other great patterns in it.  I even started it, many years ago, but almost halfway through I saw the smallest size was too small for me and abandoned it, feeling like it was out of my league.  Looking back, I realize that for a new knitter I actually did a good job on the lace.    
  The words knit and skirt seem to go together like the words vampire and garlic but so many other knitters have done it so well, that I think I might too.  Here are some more of the designer’s skirt and dress patterns.

But some things have changed:  I’ve loosened up my stitches and grown outward, so this time I’m either knitting a medium or if my gauge is off, I’ll knit the small and modify.  Though the Mission Falls 1824 Cotton is heavier than the Twisted Sisters Daktari, I so love the color and texture of this yarn.  
I ordered more to make a larger skirt but of course it’s a slightly different dye lot; so once the lace portion is finished, I’ll be alternating yarns every few rows so the difference isn’t noticeable.   I’ll play with it to see what I like best and am fully prepared to spend some time getting this right- even if it means ripping out and starting over a few times.  What else am I going to be doing but grieving that the kids are back in school?  
I really want to do this.
beginnings of a skirt, day 226

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