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Everett Henley

This is one of the reasons why my blog has been so quiet lately.  It’s the Everett Henley by Emily Ringelman.  The other reason is that my life has been boring.  So, it’s time to spice things up with another post about… a sweater.

The Everett Henley, by Emily Ringelman, is my third, and last, submission in the Holla Knits KAL this spring.  And, oh man, isn’t this color spring perfection?  I remember my mother talking about colors and seasons: Easter dresses, spring blouses, white shoes after March, etc and I’d just roll my eyes.  But, I do get it.  Even though barely anything died off in our winter, it’s still totally drab outside.  I need springtime too.

I’m not sure what my favorite thing about this design was.  Obviously I loved the stitch pattern because I had to re-knit so much and never got annoyed with it, even though it didn’t allow me to read or watch tv.  It looks so cool now that it’s blocked.  The idea of a lace top that’s a henley is probably the thing that got me.  I’m very casual and have always dressed kind of tomboyish.  So, for me, the button neck and shirttail hem compliment the bright purple lace and tone it down so well.  It’s buttoned-up lace.

I used size 0s and Berroco (which I think I have spelled three different ways in the course of knitting this) Vintage yarn and knitted the smallest size.  Now, I’m not a size 32″, but I find my gauge is always a hair off, and that hair ends up making my sweaters big enough to fit both myself and one of my children in it.  So I knit down and block out.  It’s my new mantra.

When I was done knitting it, it was a little tight under the arms and had no ease at all. Honestly, it was tighter than I expected.  That’s always a scary moment.  I know in my head that wool will stretch, especially if I don’t want it to, but making something that is tight after bind off still freaks me out.  On top of that, I didn’t know if vintage would block out since it’s not 100% wool.  But some Ravelry friends (thanks, Carrie, Allyson, and Emily) reassured me, so I immersed it.

It’s the same blocking ritual every time: I bind off then subconsciously hold my breath as I walk from my spot on the couch to the bath tub, where I cover it with water.  Animals scatter, people make excuses to hide in other rooms, I squeeze it out in a towel, and, only then, exhale.  It was just right.

The 60% of manmade whatever content in the yarn probably helped it dry overnight so I could squeeze in a few photos before the KAL ended.

If I’m not mistaken, this was Emily Ringelman’s first garment design.   That’s hard to believe!  If I were a designer, this is the kind of knit I would consider my piece de resistance and keep on a pedestal in my house.  I would then retire to a cabin in the woods, feeling like my work on this planet is done.

Anyway, since this design came out she’s been cranking out the sweaters.  Over the Fence is my next favorite.  If you want to see other finished objects for this knit along, check out the Holla Knits FO threads– lots of summer and winter tops, shorts, skirts, and a million accessories.  I can’t even keep up with that accessory thread.  I’d hoped to knit an accessory or two also, but considering my mistakes and busy-ness, plus the bear sweater interruption, I can’t believe I completed three.

(my ravelry, kollabora, and flickr)


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  1. Another beauty Michelle. That colour is so perfect on you and you wear it exactly like I would with a checked shirt 🙂

  2. Wow Michelle, this sweater looks amazing on you. I love how you combined it with a shirt (which has the perfect colors!!). I also love the buttons!

  3. This is so lovely! That colour is perfect on you, and it has just the right amount of ease. I have been hemming and hahing over whether to knit this and I think you've just sold me.

  4. Great sweater! I can't believe you finished three items! I'm still not even half way done on my Crash sweater..

  5. It's lovely! I love the way you styled it. Very springy indeed. 🙂 You look great in that purple.

  6. Thank you, Severien! I just remembered the shirt when I was rifling thru my closet, hurrying to get FO photos on the last day!

  7. Thanks! I know you will enjoy knitting this, Angela. For an all over lace sweater, the directions really did make it easy. My only problems were my own inconsistent tension. I think knitting to fit, then blocking for ease is what I'm going to have to do for the right fit.

  8. Thank you, Kim. You know, I didn't think I'd b e able to do much knitting this spring. But it turns out that visiting my grandparents every day has given me a lot of knitting time. My grandfather likes to smoke his pipe outside the retirement community, so I sit and knit and talk. Somehow, the projects just flew by that way.

  9. Thanks, Vanessa! Since I rarely wear purple, I wasn't sure, but it worked out fine. I can only have so many green, blue, and grey knits, right?

  10. It was indeed my first garment design! (Now that I actually think about that, I realize that I must be INSANE.) I love your version!

  11. Thank you, Emily. I am crazy about this! I love it so much, I wore it in sweltering temperature. I had to get one really good wear out of it before it became officially summer.

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