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A Little Motivational Speech for Me

… because I’m a homemaker and much of what I make each day gets “unmade” by evening.  I have to remember that “being there” for your family is often immeasurable and intangible.   It’s hard to write about because it’s either so boring it will put you in a trance or it gets too personal.  So instead I’ll write about stuff I’m making, tangible, provable accomplishments, and I don’t care if it puts the internet into a stupor.

When I’m not “being there” I am a closet knitter, the whole house being my closet.   It is both therapy and reward.  If things are especially great, I’m celebrating here and there, with some knitting.  If things are terrible, I’m working out my issues, face contorted, over a sweater.

There won’t be proof of my being a really, good mother until many years from now when my kids don’t need antipsychotics.  But, wether or not I can seam a sleeve, well the proof is right here, in the bag.

Besides the knitalong tank I have managed to photograph regularly, I have worked on Finishing School, above and below.  It has been waiting for that last skein to arrive for weeks and, once I join the yarn, it will be a snap to finish.  I think.
Can you see how cool the construction of the sailor- like collar is?  Ah, I love it.

Next up is Roxborough Dolman by Courtney Kelley.  Won’t this go great with khaki?  I had knit this much a week ago, but ripped it out to start over in a needle three sizes smaller, my trusty addi size 2.  Now, it is a much prettier fabric, even if I am developing “knitter’s claw.”  It’s also on gauge, which is important unless I was planning to make my husband wear it.

It is quite possible that in a couple of weeks I’ll have three summer-ish knits off the needles and blocking, unless I get distracted.

Distraction number one:

I received my Gynx faded jeans yarn in the mail and find myself thinking about knitting this a lot as I work on something else.  I can’t help it, it’s fall (At least it is fall on tv.  Here it is 70 degrees.) and I  have sweater fever.

Sweater fever is what you get when you’ve finally given up on baby fever.  Lots of women in their late thirties, with adamant husbands, experience this phenomenon.  Symptoms include memory cards full of yarn photos, like these, instead of family milestones.  Sigh.

Actually, I have been quiet photo-wise.  Maybe I’ve overdosed on internet imagery.  Or maybe I’ve just been too busy knitting with the contorted face.  Either way, I did snap these for my project page.  I don’t over-edit anymore and I don’t set the stage, hence the vaporub.  I just grab my fiddy and keep it real.   I really did just write that.

(Why, yes, the Vicks does bring out the baltic in the collar edging.)

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