Where is My Mind, Really?

Am I the only 365 person out there sweating through a zillion mess-up self-portraits with a serene look on their face, all in an effort to get a semi-decent shot?

I am not thinking what you think I am in this photo.

(I’m making a grocery list in my mind, 365 Day 132 Photo)

This one could be titled: “Good Grief. My children need to eat.”

or: “Submitting to one more 365 shot.”

At least I don’t try this hard all the time. My 365 set could be renamed “The hands and feet collection.”
Actually, I do try to record things I’m really doing, but sometimes I’m blank.

On an unrelated note- I read yesterday (here) that topknots were all the rage. See, you just thought I was being lazy with the granny bun.

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