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Documenting the Everyday

This one is of my mother’s necklace.

I’m thirty days into the 365 project and am getting faster at composing my photos and editing. I’m also no longer cringing at the flashlight under the chin effect I sometimes get in my photos.
Each one usually leads to another idea for the next day, except the late at night up close shots of an ear or something (that just means I feel yucky and want to go to bed.)

At first, it really felt strange to have so many photos of myself on my computer. Never mind the fact that I have 15 years worth of everyone but me in albums and on discs. But, why not? At least I’m taking pictures again! Let it be about me. And if it’s all going to be about ME, ME, ME, I hope it will at least capture this time in my life: my everyday moments from my perspective as well as that of my family. It has to, because I don’t have time to photograph anything else right now. My camera accompanies me around the house, hangs on to me while I do errands, even rides along on a jog. It’s like having a toddler again, only it won’t hug me back.

All this posting on photography and I may flake out of the project next week. But even recording a month of my life was a little gift to myself (sort of like this blog.) Maybe my children will even see it as a gift to them one day. I keep thinking how great it would’ve been if there were blogs and digital cameras around when I was young and my mother was in her thirties. What I wouldn’t give to have a record of a month of her life then.

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