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Julep Jacket

So happy to have finished my Julep Jacket!  I mentioned I was taking part in the Tops, Tanks, and Tees Knitalong.  Well, this is my finished top.  I don’t know if I’ll get my tank finished by the end.

I’ve been holding on to this Cascade 220 Sport for a  Julep Jacket, by Katie Canavan, for a couple of years.  As with every one of Katie’s patterns I’ve knit, this had a neat little construction detail, or a new-to-me technique.  This time it was the snap closure and Peter Pan collar.

Not to mention that little bow tie stitch.  I realize these are not the clearest of photos.  But it was pouring rain and I didn’t want my husband to have to get wet standing outside for the sake of knitting, so I got in the only dry, bright spot and he took pictures from inches away.  My hair was also sort of fixed after church… so two birds…

Details:  I totally followed the pattern, except my gauge was off, stitch-wise, by almost a half stitch per inch.  There was a time where I would’ve said, “Close enough.” and knit on in a size small or medium that became a finished size large.  I have learned.  So, I knit the x-small for a finished size small/medium.  I didn’t want it to be too fitted.  It blocked out a bit more, for a nice, easy fit.

I’ll mainly wear this open and over t-shirts and jeans, but, oh man, wouldn’t it be cute over the right vintage dress?

I used size 3 needles and the aforementioned Cascade ,in the Lake Chelan colorway- which is just the right combo of green and blue.  It’s always more fun to knit in bright colors.

When I got to the collar, I was a little confused.  What I understood it to say wasn’t what I was seeing in some of the finished Julep’s on Ravelry.  They were all lovely, of course, but I think some of the knitters folded the collar completely in half to sew it down, creating more of a mandarin-style collar.  I, understood, from the directions to just fold it at the purl/ turn row and sew it down to about three rows before the turn row, creating a small hem about 3 rows deep.  This made the collar larger, with the Peter Pan shape I saw in the samples.  I could be wrong since it’s hard to tell what’s going on from small FO photos.   Anyway, I think I prefer this way best, so I went with it.

The snap closure was another new technique- so simple, but it took me a few tries to do it neatly.  I ended up using this tutorial.

I love the quilted look the bow tie stitches give it!  I also love the neat finishes on all of the edges and the perfect three quarter length of the sleeve.

This means I’ve knit every design from Holla Knits that I had yarn stashed for.  It’s nice to complete a goal, even when it’s not the Earth-shattering kind.

Check out the rest of that Holla Knits collection, here, and Katie’s other designs, which are so varied in type,  here.

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