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Tops Tanks and Tees Knit-Along Stuff

My first project for the Tops, Tanks, and Tees KAL is the May cardigan.  Oh yeah, I haven’t even been on here enough to talk about the knit-along and now it’s almost over.  well, if you are a knitter, you knew about it anyway.

As for May, you’ve probably seen in it in Quince and Co ads.  Like so many of Bristol Ivy‘s designs, the construction is interesting.

I’m using a yarn I’ve been wanting to try for a year or two-  Nice and Knit.    I first heard about Kara’s and Katie’s yarns from their sister, Betsy in the Very Shannon Ravelry group, where she turns out so many beautiful knits in their yarn.

So I made two skeins of Fingering in the Nantucket colorway mine for this project.  (I also got a skein in Dk for a hat.)  Look at how lovely the color shifts are.  I am alternating skeins, just in case.

Now for the cardigan: I adore this cartridge stitch.  It is taking forever to knit up, but it will be worth it.  It’s such an interesting alternative to ribbing.

I think this is a good project choice for my being between sizes, too.  It can look good a bit more fitted and definitely looks nice with extra ease.

So I have a huge Bristol Ivy “Wanna Knit” list growing.  At this moment I have yarn for both Bridie
and the AllongĂ© Tee.  I did have yarn for Offshore V-Neck, but I poached it for my Cherry Pie zip-front sweater.  It will happen eventually, I think.  I also feel like a Kit Camisole is in my future too because it’s such a sweat fest here.  I need sleeveless, airy things on me.

(more on instagram, ravelry, kollabora, flickr)

Having said that, it’s obvious that May may not see the light of day until next Fall.  As light as it is, it is wool- the most lovely wool- but still wool.  So, to counteract that bummer, I did start on my Hualpa Kimono, in cotton, from We Are Knitters.  More about that later.

Other than the Kimono, I was thinking I have to get Canyon, Zara, and AllongĂ© on my needles this summer, then I opened the new PomPom Quarterly and all of my summer knitting plans have been constantly rearranging themselves in my mind.  I want Red Bud Isle and Nouri!  But Nouri can wait until Fall because, like I said…sweat fest.

What are your must-knit knits this summer, friends?

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