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“…You’ve seen Star wars 47 Times. You do the math”

-Neil Schweiber, Freaks and Geeks

But I think I’ve seen it more than 47.

(365 Day 216 Dig the Star Puffs)

For fun, I did a search on the top sci-fi movies of all time, to see how many I’ve seen, and, more importantly, how many I liked.

My all time best was their all time best:
Blade Runner
Star Wars (A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back were the good ones)
The Terminator
Alien (before it met Predator or Winona Ryder)
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Planet of the Apes (all of them)

I was surprised at how many I’d seen, and how many I’d forgotten the plot of.

So, I guess it’s official. All I need now is to go to a convention in costume or something.

(365 Day 128)

Even my little children are being shaped by our tastes-these things are genetic. They started with Star wars. I remember my daughter insisted on buying a Darth Vader action figure, then made me keep it in my room because she was afraid of it. They enjoyed the old tv series I liked as a kid, like Battlestar Galactica and The Land of the Lost and the Miyazaki movies I liked (saving the weirder ones until they were older) and we all saw Wall-E and The Iron Giant together in the theatre.

My husband read the Narnia books to them and The Hobbit. They were too young to appreciate Artemis Fowl when I bought it for them, but now they’ve both read the whole series. If we liked a book, we’d pass it on or, in the case of Robert Heinlen, I so loved Starship Troopers (passed along from my brother) that I read Red Planet to my son, as it was more age appropriate. He’s now zipped through more fantasy books than I’ve ever read.

(365 Day 131)

Each year, we introduce them to a few more “classics”: The Matrix (first only), Gattica,etc. And they introduce us to some too. We may have been the last people on Earth to get a netflix membership, but we’ve made up for it this summer by marathoning all the Avatar cartoon episodes they wanted me to see. And I loved it. Then they got me to read the Bone books, also good.

Our most recent show to try on my big brother’s recommendation is Full Metal Alchemist (though it’s a little too dark for my youngest.) I have to say, I miss the toddler years, sure, but it’s so much fun to share the excitement of a new episode or book with your kids as they get old enough to enjoy it to.

Next in our queue:
The Day the Earth Stood Still

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  1. Oh, I love this blog post! it gives me hope for the "next generation" (pun intended 🙂

    and I will follow your blog forever now that you have quoted "freaks and geeks"!

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