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Father’s Day Camp-out

I love Dis’ Fam. It was a last minute trip so we took the only campground that offered tube rides and seemed fairly family friendly that we could get. It’s been like 17 years since I went down the Guadalupe River, and some things have changed. But even with beer bongs, tents stacked together like woodstock, a radio blaring something different out of each one, and no grills left free, we got to fall asleep looking at the trees overhead, hearing locusts and the leaves move.

The second night there it was just us and the fireflies, which neither of our kids could remember seeing before. The stars were all there, unveiled for us, to show they’d been there, waiting for us since we moved from the East Texas piney woods. and that wind. We did have fun: trails, tubing, swimming, cooking out, and rock collecting.

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