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Once a Geek…

… always a geek.
This explains the amount of technical knitting posts lately.  When I’m into something, I can get waaaay into it.   Maybe you do too.
Do any of these statements describe you?
-You don’t want to see the movie until you read the book, even if it means you may never see the movie.
-You read the translation but with just a little frustration that you can’t read the original text.
-You have a Star Wars quote for every occasion. 
-You regularly google the hardest way to do something.
-You have graphic novels on your book shelf.  
-The word “study” evokes all sorts of good feelings in you.  
-You have a list of books to pack and save in case of a hurricane evacuation. 
-You get bored easily in normal conversations about stuff, and how much stuff she has, and stuff they want, and what stuff who’s kid did.
-You like to probe.   You want a conversation that blows your mind.
-You end up laughing to yourself, a lot.
If you answered yes to four or more of these, you, my friend, may be geeky too.  It’s okay, I don’t mean cheeseball, hipster geek.  I mean the if- people- knew-that -I- rewrite – song- lyrics -to- fit- every- situation-and- sing- them- out- loud-they- would- be- uncomfortable- with -me kind of geek.  
It’s nothing too extreme or obnoxious.  I’m not speaking in Klingon or observing Towel Day (though the latter sounds fun.)  But, when I found out how many Ken Burns documentaries Netflix had available instantly, I did bust a move.
I actually like being at home and watching them.  I don’t feel lonely being one of the only people I know  interested in what I’m interested in.  And there’s always my internet friends.  (Um, that last statement may have proved my point.)  
Plus, I’ve discovered the solution to oddball socialization.  You can always raise your own brood of geeks to quote C3p0, collect rocks, and carry a towel with.  

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  1. Ha! I'm definitely a geek when it comes to books and films. When I see a movie or series based on a book, I HAVE to read the book.

    I recently watched Pillars of the Earth, and I watched every episode except the last because by then I started reading the book and I didn't want to see how it ended before I finished the book. When I watched the final episode I was so disappointed cause it was nothing like the book. I would have enjoyed it so much more if i didn't read the book, or read the book afterwards. Silly me.

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