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365 has been focusing so much of my free time on myself this year that I haven’t taken the time to photograph some of my favorite people in a while. People who are so easy to capture in beautiful photographs.

Have I become so used to finding contrived ways of capturing myself that I am no longer interested in the sweet, candid images of others? Hardly. But it’s kind of nice that I have to remind myself to take them.

I’ve recommended 365 to a few friends who don’t really enjoy looking at themselves, because it’s the perfect cure for self loathing.

First, it takes it to a whole new level of loathing, but then it breaks the abhorrence with familiarity, creativity, and attention to detail. The critical eye becomes a more balanced critic, acknowledging the good with the bad. The next thing you know, you don’t even see yourself as yourself, and you certainly don’t hate what you see.

(365 Day 213)

Sure I still see lines, scars, greasy hair at times (just being honest, here), but it’s more about the composition, how light reflects on me, and this moment of my life. The history, the reality of this thing God made.

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  1. those are all lovely photos!

    I had the lowest self-esteem when I did the 52 weeks project, which I didn't have before it.
    Maybe doing the 365 days is different, there is enough time and imagery to come out on the other side. I admire people who can get through it – you are doing a lovely job!

  2. Thank you Mon and CKnack! I think the self esteem thing hit a few years ago, when I went through some difficult times, and God sort of helped me build it back from the inside out. 365 was like icing on the cake of my self esteem. A dare with myself to prove I could do it and not totally hate it.

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