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The Never Ending Knit

This is it.  The Corona Camisol.  It’s meant to be loose fitted, but I think the model in the picture is pinning all the loose swaths of stockinette back with her elbow or something, because when I made it, following the pattern and gauge exactly, it looked like I was wearing a pretty colored trash bag with a hole cut in it for my head.  Not to say the details weren’t cute, but blur your eyes and it was an aqua trash sack fit. 
But, I have been sick and at home all day anyway the last few days, so I decided to rip it out and  make the xs size,  but wish I had increased less than recommended.  If it fails, I won’t feel as though I have because one of my goals, along with my efforts to use up all of my hoarded yarn, is to knit all of those dog-eared patterns I’ve been hanging onto for years.   This was one of them.
So, for that reason I am happy to try it, no matter what the outcome.  That’s a good thing because, as one Raveler,  put it “This is the most mindless piece of knitting ever.” 
Let the knitting ritual begin:
All I need is my couch,
My knitting stuff,
 iced coffee,
my buddies,
and I’m set.

 I think the animals like these marathon knitting sessions.

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  1. Thanks Stacey! Yes, you're right, they are needles. Those animals are like art class models: they just drape themselves all over the place for long periods of time, waiting to be photographed 🙂

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