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The Girl

You saw my favorite boy.
Here’s my favorite girl who is barely a girl at all.

But I can still see it.

(after the show, day 135)

I really love this last picture.  I know it’s grainy and breaks all sorts of good portrait rules, but it is very her.  

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  1. I cant think too hard about this topic. I will start to bawl. haha. Being a mom is funny because you sometimes think "oh I cant wait till they're old enough to need me less, then I can do my own thing". But I know I'll cry when that day actually comes.
    Aw, dangit,,,Now I'm getting teary eyed.

  2. Sorry to say it, but you will cry. I am mid thirties-ish now and have dreams that they are still babies. When I wake up I feel sad. The first year they were both in school I sort of shuffled around the house, like a ghost, when they were gone. Ha. It's one of the few things in life that I really truly believe I was made to do- be a mom. Luckily you are taking lots of photos now. I didn't for a few important years there and regret it now.

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