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Perfect Day

Here’s what my perfect day in Galveston looks like.  First, you get in the ferry line early enough to eat brunch at Mosquito Cafe.  We like the walnut crusted brie and shrimp tacos.

Then, I piddle around on The Strand, checking out creepy dolls in the antique store and forcing my daughter to sit next to that nasty stuffed bear.  There’s usually some chocolate from La Kings or the Chocolate Factory involved.

 Next, it’s to the Seawall, where we park and walk or run down the beach for an hour or so.

 Then we lay on the beach an hour or so.

By early evening, we are a satisfying kind of tired from a day in the sun.  We climb the steps to the Murdochs deck to get a drink and watch the birds.  No matter who I’m with we always seem to be laughing at this point.  Last time, my daughter I got cheesy Galveston tourist shirts because we didn’t know when we’d get a chance to go there together again.

 If we have time, I like to eat on a patio somewhere along the Seawall.  But if we’re on a budget, it’s back to the ferry.  My favorite thing is to stand at the front of the ferry and watch the sun set while feeling the spray.

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