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This is the Space Where a Finished Object Should Be

Instead, I’m posting a nearly finished object because I need to feel a sense of accomplishment in this Knitalong.   I have crotch and waistband seams to sew, along with elastic and belt loops to add, but it is mostly done.

So here it is, crotchless.  Um, that does not need to be a Flickr tag.  I’ve already encountered SweaterLuvr and Shoefiend- no need to attract the attention of KnittedshortsGuy.   I used a spare circular to hold those live stitches because I was too lazy to get up and find scrap yarn, but I’ve had no problem with them falling off as I worked up the shorts.  I will just barely have enough yarn, thank goodness.

Someone’s inspecting the waist ribbing.  It will be folded over elastic at the purl ridge and be sewn down on the inside.

I ended up doing a total of six repeats of the celtic cable, which is a higher rise than I thought I’d want.

The reality of my work in progress photos is that most are taken in my son’s room where the light is so nice.  My knits are inches away from a microcosm of the boy’s life.  Here we see unstaged evidence of his business smarts: soccer referee flags which he uses to earn a little spending money and the rubber bands he’s uses to make shooters to sell to his friends (Gee, thanks, pal.)  I guess it’s a better deal than the paper “Edward Scissor Hands”  gauntlet he used to sell for 5 Indian Bucks (That’s classroom prize money.)  Though most of the proceeds go toward things like knives and video games these days, I take comfort in the knowledge that he’s crafty.

(more on my Ravelry and Flickr)

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  1. Oh man, Flickr totally brings out the weirdos. I've also gotten both of those followers and "favorites." Gross.

    But the shorts are looking great!

  2. Oh, I have to agree, Julie. I have had to undo and reknit the waistband so that it fits a little tighter, but otherwise they've been a straightforward pattern. I can tell these are going to get a lot of wear in the winter and evenings around a campfire. I am sold on knitted shorts.

  3. Oh no!! The sad thing is the first time I clicked on Asicslovr to see why someone would have such a strange username the photos of dirty tennis shoe insoles grossed me out more than full on porn would have. Then there was the sweater freak, whom I clicked on expecting another knitter, with photos of women dressed for work and duct taped to an office chair. I almost closed my flickr account, sold my computer, and headed for the hills. But I just decided to block people liberally and mostly just upload knitting stuff now anyway. Knits usually don't draw quite the same crowd- or much of any crowd, actually.

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