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Downton KAL Progress

So, my Ravelry knitalong friends were not kidding when they said I’d love using Madelinetosh.  I misread the yarn requirements and ordered one skein of lace for a woman’s small or medium, however, it was actually the requirement for a child’s large.  It’s a shame that I have the ability to make all sorts of colorworked, cabled-y, and felted things, yet still cannot read yarn requirements correctly.  Luckily, many women who’ve knit this cardigan went down one or two sizes to get a more fitted shrug, so I’m moving forward with the size 12/14.

I’ve started at one arm and worked across the back for the top of the cardigan.  I’m almost to the right arm.  Then, I’ll add the collar and bottom.  The gather in the center back is so clever.

Though this is mostly stockinette, it isn’t boring to me.  The color variations in the fiber are so beautiful to watch as they grow from the needles that it maintains my interest.  It’s also perfect for distracted knitting, during which I listen to podcasts or read.

She is such a control freak. (more on my Ravelry or Flickr)

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