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Winter Thinking

Do you do it too?  You store up your ideas, your energy, maybe even your joy while it’s sort of bleak and just wait, letting them germinate?  But there are times when I realize I’ve been holding my breath for days.  I’m static, like a broken record.  Am I hiding or preserving something from being wasted on the wrong day?

Should I do either?  I feel a little guilty when I find it happening, but no one else really notices.  And just about the time I see what I’m doing, it no longer seems necessary.  Then, I can exhale into frosty air.  Nothing’s changed, but I’m renewed all the same –  textbook introversion.

What do you wait for?  A bright day with enough light to see what you’re working on?  To stop reeling from crisis?  For an awkward phase to pass?  For a slow day?  Take it.  Think, but think big.  Recover and exhale with me.  He says it’s in being still that we really know Him.

“Be still and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10.

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