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Halfway Through This KnitALong

I really should be almost finished with the Downton knitalong sweater, but lots of things have been happening in our lives and that of close family.  My time to work on this is usually at night, in poor lighting for tiny stitches.  I did drop one and not realize until the bind off was sewn, which took an entire evening to fix.

Here’s the instagram recap of my knitting for the last couple of weeks:

 (more on my Ravelry, Flickr, or Instagram)

Guess I just haven’t been able to concentrate.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been too busy since New Year to take down the Christmas tree until today, and I feel wrong sitting down and doing anything at night with it looming beside me.  I know.  The whole enjoying-the-lights-until-my-birthday thing is starting to feel a little more like mental illness.  I live in a very small home; it’s not like we have one of those Christmas tree rooms set aside for year round cheer.  When this thing is set up, it’s another entity, like an adopted child, that we are making room for.  It’s gotten a little embarrassing, especially since I’ve had more unexpected visitors in my home than ever before in the last week.  One visitor just looked form me to the tree, then back again.

I am happy to have it all packed away today, and determined to finish this cardigan soon.  I have the next Downton episode to help me focus. It doesn’t look like a cardigan yet, does it?

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