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Can’t stop hearing this song since I started knitting the Caramel Sweater by Isabell Kraemer.  It’s basically a striped, boxy, blanket – style cardigan that can be worn open or pinned across the front.

Striped, boxy, blanket- what’s not to like?  I’m a lazy dresser.  I tend to stay in my yoga pants and sweatshirt long after the morning run, only to change five minutes before my husband gets home… into fresh yoga pants and a t-shirt.  I’m hoping this will have the feel of a sweatshirt hoodie while looking less frump.  It’s not all that boxy (that is my tiny daughter wearing it for the photos.)  It’s also a very straight forward pattern.  I do regret not making my stripes 7 rows thick instead of 6 so that my yarn ends would start on alternate sides with each stripe and not be so difficult to weave in all on one.  But that’s no big deal.  I’m also a little concerned that the front edges will curl under, even with the banded edge.

Hopefully I’ll be able to wear this by Christmas.  Especially if I am lazy about blocking it, which I often am.

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