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The Classic I Must Knit

When Kristin of Voolenvine Yarns announced a knit-a-long devoted to all of those patterns that every knitter out there seems to have made but myself, I knew I had to make a Featherweight Cardigan.  Featherweight and Effortless were the reasons I bought Knitbot Essentials.  Only, I never had yarn I liked enough for either, so I tried to satisfy myself with knitting a Whispy Cardigan.  It’s like a shrunken version of Featherweight.  It’s really great, but it’s not Featherweight.

So this is my first knit for the Classic “Must Knit” KAL:

(more on my ravelry, kollabora, and flickr)

I’m ready for casting on today.  Inspired by all of the striped Featherweights I’ve seen out there, I ordered some Madtosh Lace in shire to combine with Jaggerspun Zephyr in Jade and Curry.  Don’t tell me I shouldn’t mix a straight wool yarn with a wool/silk blend, please.  After spending so much time mulling over my color combo, I need these colors, exactly these colors, to work together.

My color inspirations were taken from my Pinterest:

Hollis Brown Thornton’s VHS (entry hall wallpaper), 2012 via¬†Pinterest

Remember how I said my eyes could be bigger than my stomach?  Yeah, well, I’m now in KAL number 2 for August.  Technically, the Featherweight counts for both the Classic “Must Knit” and Summer Sweater KAL.  I just want to try all the things I want to try.  

Okay, you guys should join up!  Is there one pattern on Ravelry you feel like everyone has made except you?  An Aidez? Jaywalker? or Owls?  There’s quite a list growing in the Yarngasm and A Homespun House groups on Ravelry.  And since Kristin and Molly are promoting this KAL on their podcasts, I’m sure they’ll be showing updates on their personal KAL projects.  

Come play with us!  It will be going through October, so there’s plenty of time to finish a few classics. I’d love to do an Elizabeth Zimmerman Recipe (Wouldn’t that be a classic?!) and Sockhead Hat, not to mention Aidez!

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  1. I'm right with you on the featherweight – I was just mulling some yarn ideas for one the other day – I'd join you if it wasn't for the other two unfinished cardigans on my needles! And of course selecting just the right yarn. That may have me in a bit of turmoil for a bit longer yet.

  2. Oh, you should do it! It looks like quite a few of us are doing Featherweight. I think it's given me courage to try it while learning continental knitting.

  3. Ha! With a cardigan like Featherweight, you do want just the right yarn. So many tiny stockinette stitches can't be wasted on a fiber or color you'll regret, right? I love watching these stripes form, but it seems so delicate I fear I'll snag it wilt a fingernail.

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