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Blog Plans vs Planned Obsolescence

It doesn’t matter how we stagger our device purchases, they all seem to become outmoded for our needs at the exact same time, every one developing issues that can’t be totally addressed without addressing another’s issues first.  It’s like an obnoxious riddle that someone tells you to feel clever but you can’t stay interested long enough to remember the beginning of it by the time it’s finished.   So why would you bother trying to solve it?  This leads to a birthday gift of headphones becoming a gift of headphones plus a new phone that allows them to operate correctly.  Apparently we like to go “all out.”  It also leads to many nights of googling fixes for our weird damaged program/ storage/ migration problems on our desktop.

I’ve been trying to squeeze another year out of my Mac but it is running like something the Professor rigged up with Gilligan to pedal as power.  Point is- since my declaration to blog more my son has hogged the computer each night for college admission stuff (that’s all good) and then I’ve been trying  to migrate files from one hard drive to another so I can clear the photos from my phone and get an upgrade.  I love it when my computer tells me the estimated transfer time is “about a day.”  Cute.  And then it still doesn’t work.  I’m mentally shaking a fist at Apple.  

So here I am typing very gently, and very slowly, so as not to overwhelm my computer and cause the little pinwheel to run for eternity, which is the technological equivalent of rocking back and forth in fetal position.

All of these late nights of googling things have ruined my little bit of craft time.  My Heritage sweater is something from ancient myth.  I add rounds and rounds each night, only to wake up and find I still have the same number of inches to go.

My husband and I did head to Galveston to “get away” for a day, if driving 4 hours and waiting in a ridiculously long ferry line feels like a getaway to you.  I knit and he drives, so yeah, it’s a getaway for me.  We ate lots of good food then walked along the beach, then he fell asleep for an hour or so while I took pictures of his open mouth as part of the Galveston skyline and knitted some more.  I don’t think he felt better rested, but I’m sure it was nice just to get outdoors because he has been working a lot.  I think I actually see progress on this sweater now.  This is progress despite having my project notes partially consumed by one, or both, of my dogs while I was not around.  Thankfully they left the very most important scrap of the page for me to remember where I was in my increases.

In other important news- not really, unless you know how much we love our animals- our newest dog Ella, most likely the culprit of the digested knitting pattern, was declared heart worm free after one year of treatment.  So she is well!  Doofy, but well!!!

(more on ravelry, flickr, and instagram)

I sound gripey.  Sorry for that, but I am not daunted by the technology woes and I am very relieved about our dog.  I hope something unexpected and wonderful happens to you or those you love today!!!

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