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Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn Club

I’m halfway though my Simple Spring Shawl.  I love how it’s turning out.  It’s a very easy to memorize pattern, which let me work on it when I was talking or re-watching The X-Files.

I once shied away from very vibrant colors in my knits.  I suppose that was because I wore a mostly neutral wardrobe.  I didn’t think they were very “me.”  But I’ve found I love having accessories like this.  They are me, in that everything in my closet is a perfect backdrop for them.

I’m so glad I made this into a shawl instead of socks.  I have found myself wearing my other shawls quite a bit, even though we don’t have very cold winters here.  And this colorway is so autumnal it’s killing me.  The top photo is filter-less and captures the true colors in this skein.  I think it so compliments the border.

Muchier Muchness is still exclusive to Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn’s Winter Yarn Club, but there may still be a couple of openings left.  Ashley signed me up for that club and asked if I’d review her yarn and the club.  Honestly, I’d already used her yarn and loved it, so she didn’t have to do that.  I tend to brag on all of the dyers and designers I like anyway, but I will go a little further than that now.

Since I’m halfway through a shawl with this skein, I can safely say it is lovely to work with.  I’m no aficionado, but I know a quality yarn when I use it.  There are no knots, it runs smoothly between my fingers and knits up in a way that is pleasing to my eye.  All of which is true of this yarn.

I wasn’t sure if the Muchier Muchness colorway would pool in a strange way, being so variegated, but it looks awesome in my shawl.  This shawl is knit side to side.  If you’re wondering how it would look knit in a traditional top-down shawl, check out Ashley’s progress on a shawl of her own design that is knit that way.  Then there’s socks.  I couldn’t bring myself to do that with this colorway but, looking at Melissa’s (misocrafty) socks I see they’re equally as stunning.  For more examples of Ashley’s colorways you can see my Prim hat and Elder Tree Shawl, which is my favorite shawl to date.

Aside from the obvious beauty of the yarn, there’s the fun of having a theme, which is Alice in Wonderland this installment.  It gives you a clue as to what’s coming in the mail, but still leaves you surprised when opening it.  I also love seeing how dyers interpret the colors in a scene into a yarn colorway.  I’m anxious to see February’s Red Queen yarn.  I’m thinking it will be very appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

It’s worth mentioning that each installment of this club runs for three months and is a really good price for a monthly yarn club.  If you opt for one skein a month, it is about $79 USD ($110 in CAD), which includes shipping.  I don’t know of another yarn club that compares.  I certainly can’t think of ny other indie dyer I could order 3 skeins from at this value.  If I should want to knit something larger than a shawl or pair of socks, there is a 2 or 3 skein option in the club.  I think sometimes Ashley has extra skeins on hand for single skein members to add to an order too.  So, I’m hopping on this train.  I just signed myself up for the Spring Fingering Weight Yarn Club.

Ashley included a note in my last order, saying I might just be hooked on their yarns.  I think that’s a safe assumption.  I am definitely going to feed my love of shawl and sock knitting.

Oh, and Potsy approves, too.

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