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Go! and So She Did

This is it!  The last of my projects from 2015 to post about.  Thanks to my sweet girl for contributing these photos she and her husband took on a recent camping trip.  This hat was one of her Christmas gifts from me and it looks as though she already has a request from one of her friends for me to knit another.  It’s called Go!  and so that’s what she did.

This was part of my billions o hats project.  Not really, but it does seem as though I’ve knit a lot of hats in the last few months.  For this one, I chose Knit Picks Capra yarn, a soft merino/ cashmere blend.  Knit using size US3 and 4 needles, it knit up super quick and needed no modifications.

This was an extra special knit for me because it’s my first knit from the patterns I won in Andrea Mowry‘s instagram giveaway celebrating one year of designs.  (Click on the link for serious cuteness.)  Her one year of designs is pretty huge, guys.  It’s like what most knitters knit in a year, not really the amount of work you expect from a designer.  I don’t know how she does it, but I’m so glad she does because I have several queued up already: Vintage Prim, Briochealicious, Marley,  and some Modern Mukluks.

Andrea has stepped out into sweater design now too with White Pine.  Of course I wanna knit it, but, Guys!  I am about to be up to my neck in KAL sweaters.

One thing I’ve learned from knitting my own Prim hat, by Andrea, is that these hats look a bit too fitted until blocking.  You can see, in the link, that my Prim hat isn’t quite slouchy enough in these pre-blocking photos.  After blocking, it is absolutely perfect.  The same was true of Go!  It has just the right amount of slouch.

She cracked me up when she said she found herself saying the kinds of things I say when I set up a shot and then hand the camera to someone else.  “No, keep it level.”  “Don’t move it!” “Just stand where I am and hold it still.”

(modeled photos by Julia Carter on her instagram, my ravelry, kollabora, flickr, and my instagram)

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