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Looking for Magic Hour

I know that I’ve found it when I don’t want to do a thing to alter the image.
“Twice each day the cool, blue light of night interacts with warm tones of daylight.  The most interesting parts of the natural world are the edges, places where ocean meets land, meadow meets forest, timberline touches the heights.  Near Magic Hour, transmitted light becomes ever warmer, reflected light ever colder.”

(she used to pick these)

(day 69)

(still calls him Daddy)

I couldn’t agree more.

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  1. Michelle, these are outstanding! Absolutely love the comp and light in each of these. Wow, girl, you are really coming into your photography. Hopefully you'll have these on Flickr. I hope to be on there later.

  2. Thank you so much, Gail. These pics make my heart swell just thinking about that evening. I was so glad I had my camera to record it. I literally felt blessed to just be there in that gorgeous light with those guys!

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