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Gray Day

Gray weather is cocoon-like, a hothouse for the buried seeds of thought.   I’m always surprised when they start to grow inside me and fight their way out.

Today I’m seeing that my voice, my personality, is being shut down in areas of my life where I once thrived.  I’ve been struggling with it, trying to continue to occupy a space I once fit in.  Some were positions and some were relationships.  But, I’m going to stop working so hard and diminish myself there.  I’m going to go with this thought.

Be quiet.  Wait and see what happens- if a new space will open up to me or not.  I just might not have been made for what I thought I was made for.  I’m going to embrace the loneliness of it and see what I become.

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I know, it seems counterproductive to post this here, but the internet doesn’t count.

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