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I Hear Chariots of Fire

Actually, I just hear the first few lines of Chariots of Fire… over … and … over again.

I’m still on the toe of these toe-up, two at a time, knee socks.   That’s after 4 days of knitting.  I knit a sweater in two hours a few weeks ago; what is going on here?

I chose them as my Ravellenics challenge (If you don’t know what it is, just do a blog search on it and be slightly uneasy about the sheer number of nerdy knitters in the world.) and they are proving challenging indeed.  It’s not so much because of all the yarn tangling everywhere or the increases on microscopic needles.  I don’t even think it’s because I have never used a Magic Cast On before.  It’s probably more about me getting distracted and setting it aside only to return and say, “Huh?” as if I’ve forgotten what I was doing with all of that string.

Honestly, I didn’t want to break from my summer project plans to include socks.  I’m just not crazy about knitting them.  Socks are things I either abuse or lose.  I already have a bunch of knee highs in all kinds of argyles and stripes that I rarely wear, so why make more?

I blame it on Elena for inspiring me with this post.  Anyway, it is vacation yarn, and it is a challenge.   Plus, I found a fun group to compete with:

(a group of podcasters and listeners.)
I don’t think I’ve learned so much, skill-wise, in one project since I first began knitting.  There’s: 
Knitting two at once so that I won’t run out of yarn at the top of the last sock
The idea of using only one long circular as a magic loop.
Working from the toe up. 
And, the idea of customizing as I go for a better fit.  
The only other pair of socks I ever made were a frustration and impractical.  (As if this Fruit Stripe looking yarn is.)

So, yeah, it feels Olympic to me.  Now, I’m going to get back to the needles so I can hear the climactic ending of that song.

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