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My Favorite York Bobble Toque

This is my second, and favorite, York Bobble Toque to have knit.  I used a lovely indigo-blue single ply wool from Tara-Lynn of Good Night, Day.  This deep blue color is just my favorite shade of blue right now.  I find myself wanting to knit dark blue sweaters, dark blue shawls, and wear my lapis lazuli necklace over and over.

I’ve knit this one before so it was old hat (heh!) with size US 1 needles for the ribbing and US 3’s for the rest.  Not much else to say about it.  It’s perfect from the yarn to pattern to finished object.  I love it when a knit is this easy.

You guys!!! the new X-Files is tomorrow! Sorry, my sci-fi Tourette’s kicked in.

I thanked my daughter for throwing this on for me to get some pics, while she was modeling her Kingston sweater, but this hat is mine, Dear … all mine.  The phone photo, up top, is closer to the real color of the hat.  I’m not sure why my camera wasn’t picking it up accurately, but whatever, it’s been a month since I finished this hat. I just wanted to post about it.  Now, I only have one 2015 knit left to post to my page.

(more on Ravelry, Kollabora, Instagram, and Flickr)

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