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Holla Knits Knit Along

This is my progress so far on the Holla Knits Knit Along, which I am fighting the urge to make into a “Knit Ahead.”

Though I like to work on things non-stop (that is, when I’m not procrastinating) until they’re done, I’m waiting to do this one with the group.  It’s nice to see everyone’s progress and get all sorts of yarn and modification ideas.  One such mod I’ve seen some of the ladies chat about is adding sleeves to the Holla Knit Tank.  I really wanted to do this too, but I tend to have a “more yarn is better” attitude and had to talk myself down with a look at the thermometer outside.  I also remembered how excited I was about this collection of knits because I could pretty much wear all of them at any time of year in Southeast Texas.  Besides, my sweater boxes overfloweth… so, I’m sticking with the original plan.

Did I say plan?  Yes, I did, albeit slowly, as if it were a foreign word.  I’m just not used to being this organized: voting for the pattern choice, ordering yarn in advance, swatching and blocking, planning my week’s work, and even ordering buttons ahead of time.

I am so, so glad Emma and Katie encouraged us to swatch, because I had to go back to my trusty size 2 circulars again.  I don’t know why I bother trying any other needle when I cast on.  I suppose I’ve mastered that laid back, zen-like state of existence Elizabeth Zimmerman called loose knitting.

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