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Free Floating

This is a pattern swatch for another knit along I’m starting today, lots of linkage, and other free floating thoughts.
Feel free to ignore this post, altogether.

I’ve decided to forgive Knit Picks for not awarding me with their Sunstruck interchangeable needle set in their Pinterest contest.  I know, that’s big of me.  It’s a good thing I’m forgiving too, because I need to place another order for one skein of Stroll Sport to finish my Finishing School tank.  
You know how yarn orders for “just one more skein” go, right?  My husband does, anyway.  He knows I’ll be moving his stuff over further in the closet to make room for another plastic bag full of yarn. 

 I finally got photoshop and am determined to clean up my mess of photos on my computer before I install it.  I’m excited but also dread the learning curve.

I haven’t even organized or edited vacation photos yet.  I have 8 years worth of pictures all mixed up and labeled things like img-0215749 since a computer mishap.  I blame the lack of photo taking of the last several months on him… er… I mean it.
My reading list has grown to include the book above because my hive is alive, a photoshop how-to because I’m desparate, Knitbot because it’s about time, The Spy Who Came In From the Cold because of all of this Bourne Divinity business,  Stranger in a Strange Land because someone said it was Heinlein’s best, and a manual on stick fighting because I’m a nerd.


I have a stash of polaroid film in my closet as a back-to-school treat for me.   I feel so rich. 

I’m laying aside the sweater/tank I’ve been working on to start the Holla Back Tank knit along.   I’ve been a knitting machine.  This either means I’m a little obsessive or else I’m fighting off melancholia.

I don’t want lessons.  I want to learn to play the banjo, magically.   I don’t own one, but that would be part of the magic.

I am going to start running daily and see what it does to me.  I mean that I’ve been transitioning to racing flats slowly and I think I’m ready to use them for more distance.

I want to watch all of the old Star Treks in order from the beginning.  My kids say they hate it but find that once they begin watching an episode they are transfixed by the sight of Leonard Nimoy’s makeup and can’t leave the room.

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