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What A Fake!

It’s a fake. My Fake-a-gamo. Here’s the story behind this knock-off pattern and where to find it. It’s only been on my list for a couple of years. So, I hauled it to every team practice, every car line at the school, every visit or restaurant trip, in case I had a chance to knit a few.

I just cut a bamboo bean pole and sanded the ends to make the handles – a couple of bucks.

This is my knitting zen face.

It’s full of stuff and still holding it’s shape- this isn’t going to be one of those “object d’art” knits. It will be completely usable!

Okay, this is like letting someone look through my messy closet. The stitching isn’t the world’s finest, because I’m not the world’s finest seamstress. The stitches are only visible from the outside in a few places, which was hard to do given the holes in the knitting on the row I needed to sew the lining on.
Anyway, it’s lined with a pretty sale remnant and the stitching is okay if you blur your eyes to look at it.

I probably would have sewn the very bottom of the handle flaps down if I were more confident with my skilz.

But look at my skilz!

The curly fringe is still in limbo until I decide if I want it. Now that actually looks like an object d’art.

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