Why Be Extreme?

This is is another one of those things I should’ve done when I was younger, so I’ve gotta do it now. This is also called a k kick in taekwondo and it’s my newest trick. I’m not as good as this guy. But it’s all in preparation for an extreme free form at our upcoming Taekwondo tournament. I should feel grateful to be doing a cartwheel. But no, got to go bigger.

Today was the first day I made it all the way through my 1.5 minute form without getting too winded to finish. I KNOW!- I’m 35. I KNOW!- I have fallen arches. I KNOW!- my back is temperamental. I KNOW! But I’ve gotta do this. It’s just a goal I set two years ago when I was a white belt- like jumping off of the high dive before I graduated. And I know I can. In fact, had I not over trained in the past, this would’ve been a piece of cake. But as it is, I do a very long warmup then ease into it. And it does feel great to move so freely.

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