It Works on People, Too

Had test for my 1st Degree, Level 3 belt. While sparring, I tried my new move on a person. This is the frame by frame (I know my nonexistent readers are on the edges of their nonexistent seats for this one):

It starts from the back leg…

…comes up and around like a round kick…

…and when they lower their guard to block it, it crosses quickly in front Michael Jackson style (You know the move.)

Then lands BAM! in a totally unexpected target in the center or opposite side of the body (in this case, the head.)

Aahh, the kick was beautiful… but my guard was yuck here. However, it does look kind of dance-y.
I just make stuff up as I go.
It’s a fancy, little point grabber, but I would so be dead if I did this in a life threatening situation.

This is just a gratuitous high side kick shot for my benefit, because it’s not bragging if no one reads your blog.

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