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I See the World Through the Lens of a Polaroid ca 1979

(365 day 5 photo)

Maybe I’m overusing this application- taking the easy way out of perfect composition, soft focus, and dreamy tint. Maybe I’m too cheap to waste my birthday present on a camera I can’t afford film for, waiting for the day pack film is back in production.

Probably. But everyone finds beauty in common things. And I’m drawn to blue collar, low budget,tweaked self expression. Hence the size of the “Cheap Stuff” label in my sidebar, there.

And though I wouldn’t call myself an “artist,” we all are really. Whether it’s martial arts in the garage to blow off steam, or toying around on the piano while soup simmers, or quietly humming a different tune for each person you see each day, or navigating a tricky conversation with grace and care, we get the ordinary chores of family life done all day long, and we do it with flair.

Regular people indulging in art is joy and balance.

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